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    Hello Etheridge nation. Many apologies, I have been unable to bring myself to write a blog for three months now. So much change, so many thoughts. There are so many words I could put together to heal my own fearful thoughts about where our world is at this moment. I could condemn those who hate, yet I find that only invites it into my world. I could praise the work that I have seen so many...

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    Hello Etheridge Nation! Wow what a summer that was! I saw so many of you out there on the road. I am really enjoying my trio. David Santos, on bass, is incredible. What a pleasure to work with him. Brian Delany is keeping it all together on drums. We just rocked all over North America. Next, I am ready to do something I have never done before…you know someone once said, you should do...


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    Another ME concert soon, YAY!

    Posted by Carol D McEver on Mar. 27 2017 at 6:58 PM | 0 comments
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    Tanglewood Sept. 3rd

    Posted by Never Enough on Mar. 23 2017 at 3:57 PM | 1 comment
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