M.E. In Havana Schedule

M.E. In Havana Schedule

The details are beginning to unfold regarding Melissa’s upcoming trip to Havana, Cuba this June 22 - 26! Check out all the planned events, shows, meals, workshops, sightseeing options, concerts and much more for our time there. Complete details & event registration available here

(Schedule is subject to change)

Thursday 6/22

(10:00 - Melissa Etheridge M.E. in Havana Registration check-in begins)

4:00PM - Room check-in at Meliá Habana Hotel

6:00 - American Car Tour of Havana - The old American Cars themselves already represent Havana. While other cities around the world use the Metro, Cubans still use this ancient vehicle as a means of transportation. A ride in one of those ancient convertibles across the 23rd street in El Vedado or the 5th Avenue in Miramar will be like traveling back to the times when Havana competed with New York.

7:00-9:00 - Dinner at Atelier Paladar

9:00 - Canelas Concert at Café Cantante

Friday 6/23

8:00-10:00am - Breakfast at Meliá Habana Hotel

10:00-12:00PM - Sightseeing - choose one

Salsa Party - take salsa and rumba lessons from Cuban pros and learn the moves that no one at home can manage! For all levels and all for fun.

Arts and Crafts Shopping - Visit the flea markets and street artists of Havana. Located in the Centro Commercial Artesanal San José, the Craft Fair in Old Havana showcases a wide variety of arts & crafts as well as the best rum and cigar boutiques. There'll be lots of shopping opportunities so bring your cash!

Architecture Tour of Old Havana - Walking the streets of of this historic Unesco preserved city, our guides will teach you about the architectural wonders and history of Havana. You will see the great many styles from medieval forts to art deco palaces as we walk through the historic city neighborhoods of Old Havana. Specific sites include the Edifico Bacard (original Headquarter), the Malecon, and the Avenue Paseo, among others.

Artist gallery Tour including Fusterlandia - Visit the leading and most famous artists in Havana at their homes and private studios. These incredible art meccas are unique to the Cuban art scene and a once in a lifetime experience for any art lover. Artists to be confirmed when we get closer to the event but may include:

El Bunker, Los Capote - MORE INFO

Fucina des Artista, Leonardo Salgado - MORE INFO

Figueroa-Vives Studio - MORE INFO

"La Acacia" Gallery - MORE INFO

"Artis 718" Gallery - MORE INFO

Fusterlandia - MORE INFO

12:00-2:00 - Lunch and relax at Meliá Habana Hotel

2:00-4:00 - Institute Superior de Arte (ISA) Tour followed by Melissa Etheridge workshop for the ISA Students - The leading graduate level art academy in Cuba was established in the former Havana Country Club in 1961 and elevated to the status of institute in 1976. The cluster of buildings - some unfurnished, some half-restored, but all graceful due to the arches, domes, and red brick - was the brainchild of Che Guevara and a team of architects. Almost all of Cuba's great musicians and visual artists have gone through ISA. It is a testament to the high level of creativity in Cuba.

4:00-6:00 - Optional Activities (extra charges apply)

One on One Cuban Percussion Lessons with a Cuban Master - Percussion is the heartbeat of Cuban music! You'll learn, one-on-one, the instruments and rhythms of Cuban percussion and the authentic flavor of Cuban music.

One on One Cuban Guitar Lessons with a Cuban Master - Any experience level welcome! Adding Cuban style and flavor to your guitar playing will enrich your personal style. Translator available on request.

One on One Piano Lessons from a Cuban Master - The key to Cuban Music can be found on a piano. Study the melodies, the chords, and the timing of Latin Music from Salsa to Son!

One on One Salsa Dancing Lesson with a Cuban Master - Can you think of a better way to learn Salsa Dancing than with a Cuban master in Cuba? This is as good as it gets!

Rum and Cigar Tasting - Taste the perfect marriage of authentic Cuban Rum and the Havana Cigar with its multiple, natural flavors. An activity with a long cultural history and a uniquely Cuban experience. Try the flavors, taste the flavors and become and Aficionado!

Biking along the Malecon with a guide - A beautiful bicycle tour along the ocean, across El Vedado, and through the woods of Havana. Once in the Pargua Almendares we'll have a quick initiation for those interested in mountain biking. Test your skills by going through the natural obstacles on the paths. Learn or improve the techniques of safety, speed, braking, and more. Keep going to take a quick look at the Square of the Revolution. See what Centro Habana looks like before we end the experience in Old Havana. This three-hour biking tour around the most representative neighborhoods and places of the city will allow the visitor to know Havana from a completely different perspective.

7:00-9:00 - Dinner at El Cocinero - A New York style loft lounge with roof terrace, it's the perfect restaurant to spend a night in Havana. Once an old oil-cooking factory, it is now transformed into one of Havana's highest-rated paladar's (Cuban restaurants).

9:00 - Melissa Etheridge Concert at Fabrica de Arts - Transformed from a steel drum factory, this Havana art club and restaurant, this "Factory of the Arts" is a fantastic concert venue.

Saturday 6/24

8:00-10:00am - Breakfast at Meliá Habana Hotel

10:00-12:00 pm - Sightseeing - choose one

Rumba Party - This percussion based music is the music of Africa combined with the rhythms of South America. Feel the Beat and experience the fun. Visit with the greatest percussionists and rumba players in Cuba during which musicians, dancers, and ordinary citizens take part in a party that combines music, songs, and Cubanity!

Cinesex - Government-run support center for the gay community

2:00-4:00 - Melissa Signing and Photo session with our group at the Meliá Habana Hotel

4:00-6:00 - Optional Activities (extra charges apply)

One on One Cuban Percussion Lessons with a Cuban Master

One on One Cuban Guitar Lessons with a Cuban Master

One on One Piano Lessons from a Cuban Master

One on One Salsa Dancing Lesson with a Cuban Master

Rum and Cigar Tasting

Biking along the Malecon with a guide.

6:00 - Social and Drinks with leading members of Havana Women's Community - Meet with leading Cuban women's rights activists and artists. Learn about the history of women's rights in Cuba and the challenges facing modern Cuba. Location TBD

7:00-8:30 - Dinner at La Guarida - The most elegant paladin in Havana! La Guarida hosts a special cuisine which will surprise the most demanding clients.

8:30 - Haydee Milanes Concert - Haydee Milanes' career started at the age of 10 when she first stepped on the stage with her farther's band. She studied music theory and choral direction in the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and finished her studies in Switzerland where she studied old chant. Since then she has performed with many famous Cuban bands and has released several solo albums.

Sunday 6/25

8:00-10:00am - Breakfast at Meliá Habana Hotel

10:00am-12:00pm - Sightseeing - choose one

Arts and Crafts Shopping

Photography Tour of Havana - Participate in tours of Havana with many of Cuba's leading photographers. Also, photographers will be leading workshops at their personal studios. These sessions are for anyone with a phone up to professional gear. It's all about having fun taking photos and capturing the moment in Havana.

Walking Tour of Old Havana - Walking the streets of this historic Unesco preserved city with special attention to the history, cultural landmarks and galleries. Walk in the footsteps of Hemingway and Obama!


Optional Activities - extra charges apply

Cuban Cooking Classes - Learn Cuban Cuisine with the top chefs in Havana. First go shopping at the local food markets then take your bounty to their kitchens and prepare your meal. Learn the secrets to this tasty, unique, cuisine in the most authentic environment.

Half Day Beach - Go discover the beautiful beaches of Playas del Este - about 30 minutes away. Spend the afternoon catching some rays and cooling off in the pristine ocean.

12:00-2:00 - Lunch and relax at Meliá Habana Hotel

2:00-4:00 - Sightseeing - choose one

Walking Tour of Old Havana

Photography Tour of Havana

Choice of Artist Galleries of Old Havana

Seis Seis Studio - MORE INFO

Kamyl's Studio-Workshop -

Experimental Lithography Workshop

Andy Rivero's Gallery - MORE INFO

Bruzon's Studio Workshop

5:00 - Melissa Etheridge Show at Teatro National - Occupying the site of the old Rodi Cinema on Line, the Teatro National Melia offers some of Havana's most comprehensive programs, including ballet, comedy shows, theater, dance, and folklórico performances.

8:00 - Dinner show with Obini Bata (location TBD) - Obinin Bata is the first all-female folkloric drumming ensemble in Cuba. Obini is the Yoruban word for Woman. Bata drumming is the oldest drum tradition of Cuba. Opinion Bata was formed in 1993 by director Eva Despaigne and other female members of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba. In Cuba, the Bata are traditionally played only by men but Opinion Bata have challenged the taboo by becoming the first all-female bata drumming ensemble in Cuba. In addition to playing Bata, all members of the group play a variety of Cuban drums and percussion instruments as well as singing and dancing. They create a complete performance encompassing all aspects of the ancient traditions they represent. MORE INFO

Monday 6/26

8:00-10:00am - Breakfast at Meliá Habana Hotel

10:00am-12:00pm - Sightseeing TBA

12:00 - Check Out