Review: Melissa Etheridge belts out hit after hit at New York's Town Hall
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Review: Melissa Etheridge belts out hit after hit at New York's Town Hall

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New York - Oscar and Grammy award-winning rock musician Melissa Etheridge headlined Town Hall in New York City on April 10, where she appeared quite comfortable on stage.

She opened her set with the vivacious "Fearless Love," and it was followed by the bold "Faded By Design," a song from her new album.

After the unflinching "Let Me Go," she delivered "I Want to Come Over," an old fan-favorite from the '90s, where everybody was singing along. Equally compelling and captivating was the sultry "Wild and Lonely."

Another standout song that was filled with nostalgia included "You Can Sleep While I Drive," and she threw some new songs in the mix such as "This Human Chain," "Suede," and "Woman Like You," where she conveyed a wide spectrum of raw emotions.

Her Grammy-winning "Come to My Window" became the anthem of the night at Town Hall, where everybody in the venue was reciting its chorus verbatim, and she closed with two equally impressive fan-favorite standards, "Bring Me Some Water," and "I'm The Only One," where she showcased her powerhouse pipes.

For her encore, Etheridge performed the title track of her latest studio offering, "The Medicine Show," which was well-received, as well as the soaring "Like the Way I Do."

Her new album, The Medicine Show, is available on iTunes.

The Verdict

Overall, Melissa Etheridge proved that she still is the reigning queen of rock music. Her set at Town Hall was upbeat and dynamic, and a substantial indication that Etheridge deserves to be inducted into the coveted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the future. Her vocals were distinct, raspy and powerful. Etheridge's show at New York's Town Hall garnered five out of five stars for a job well done.

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